Best Online Slot Machine Tournaments

A deeper look at the Best and Highest Paying Online Slot Machine Tournaments in the World, and what casinos have them.

Slot Player Like Tournaments

Online gamblers for years have been enjoying poker tournaments offered by hundreds of different casinos and poker rooms on the web, but slot players were left out in the cold and forgotten about.

In the beginning of the poker boom players could play in tournaments that offer huge prizes and exciting game play. Meanwhile slot players had to sit alone with their one armed bandits and a cup full of coins. They missed that extra bit of excitement to be found playing not only to here the chimes of a big win, but also to compete against others.

Tournaments Added to Slot Software

But that has all changed and poker players need to move over and make room for us slot lovers. Those who have been waiting for the day that we too can get excited over a tournament specifically for us!

Online gambling has finally included slot players into their club of online tournaments and there is no looking back now.

Online casinos from Microgaming, Real Time Gaming WGS and others now offer an assortment of slot tournaments. Many casinos have them on a daily basis with buy-ins and freerolls being the main attractions.

Scheduled and Sit & Go Tournaments

There are two main types of slot machine tournaments, one being a “Sit and Go” and “Scheduled Tournaments”. Most online casinos offer these two types for slot machine players every day, every hour!

There are also tournaments that take the stats from regular daily play and keep running totals on a leader board.


The Best Online Slot Machine Tournaments

Predominantly the best slot machine tournaments you find online will fall in to one of the following categories:

  • Scheduled Slots Tournaments
  • Sit & Go Slots Tournaments
  • Freeroll Tournaments

Below we give a better breakdown of each type. understand that each casino or software group may have slightly different rules associated with specific tournaments. The below are just the basics.

Scheduled Slots Tournaments

A scheduled tournament starts at a specific time for a specific amount of money, sometimes as low as a $2 entry fee!

These tournaments usually last at least an hour and have some great prizes available to win for only your initial buy-in entry fee. You enter these tournaments by going into the lobby of your casino of choice and clicking on the tournament tab, find the tourney that interest you and click on its name.

You will then register and pay your entry fee and you will be able to sit down at the tournament when it starts. Everyone gets the same amount of coins for there entry fee and this is what you play with when spinning the reels of the chosen slot game. If you run out of coins before the time limit is up you can purchase more coins or rebuy-ins.

The winners of these slot tournaments are the top 3 to 10 players who have the highest winning total of spins [or money total]

Sit & Go Slots Tournaments

These online slot tournaments are exactly what they sound like, you sit and then its time to go.

Lasting only around 5 to 15 minutes each sit and go tournaments are fast and furious. Buy-ins for these slot tournaments are between $2 – $20 on average, but you can also find some “freeroll” sit and go tournaments especially at your favorite casinos.

You play the game the casino has chosen for each tournament and you are given a certain amount of coins to play with for your entry fee. If it’s a freeroll the casino will announce in the tournament lobby how many coins you are given to start you off.

Once these coins are spent [if you do not get any winnings spins] you may buy some more coins for another 5 to 15 minutes of play, depending on the time limit of that tournament. The top 3 to 10 winners will split the prize pool in the order that the casino has divided the winning prize with 1st place getting the most.

Freeroll Tournaments

All types of casino software providers now offer some type of online slot tournaments that are free, called “freerolls”.

These are very popular and run frequently at most casinos. Some casinos run tournaments every hour during peak times and some may have extended periods they run them.

Depending on the casino some free rolls may be very short and allow a certain number of re-buys if you wish for those that had a bad run but think an extra round of spins will put them over the top.

The buy ins are usually no more than a few dollars and you may purchase chips this way on a limited basis. You play a predetermined slot game and try to receive one of the highest scores to win the prize pool!

Who Claims Best Online Slot Machine Tournaments

Rather than try and debate which casino or which software vendor can claim to have the best slot machine tournaments online we will let you decide.

Players around the world often debate which casino is best, you may already have a favorite. Not everyone agrees om which software has the best games or the highest payouts.

This is normal so we suggest you be diligent and read our game reviews as well look over the various casino reviews and try the games that seem interesting to you.

And no matter which games or operators you decide to try, have fun sinning the reels towards your win.


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