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The History of the Online Slot Machine

A long time ago (the summer and fall of 1895), a man named Charles Fey was in the basement of his home in San Francisco tinkering with different ideas on how to build a machine that would thrill people so much with its bells and chimes that they would pay to see them spin.

A machine if you will, made of iron and full of gold, gold coins that is. Coins that would be placed inside its belly by total strangers because they are trying to make the big iron machine spit them back out to them but only double even triple the original amount! This big iron machine would need a place located somewhere on its body where players can insert their money so they then could spin the reels of the iron monster and wait for the spitting to begin!

This opening on the iron beast was known as a “slot” starting the history of the “slot machine”! Fey designed this first slot machine right in his basement and it weighed over 100 pounds and was made of cast iron.

He named the game “Liberty Bell” and it paid players a 50 cent prize for their winning spins. Not a pretty slot machine and it weighed much too heavy to become popular among the Vegas crowd, but it did get the beginning of the slot era started.

If you are ever visiting Nevada, this famous Liberty Bell slot machine can still be viewed in Reno at the Liberty Belle Saloon.

Mr. Fey once again went down to his basement and made magic happen again, this time the slot game was lighter, more attractive and had colorful fruits as symbols on the game which became the first in a long history of slot machines that started the gambling industry as it is today.

Vegas loved the new looks and size of these slots and the next ones Fey created and started using them in their casinos in the years to come. But not before the anti-gambling movement succeeded in getting slot machines banned in most states around 1911.

Even the Mayor of New York at the time, Mayor LaGuardia, did a photo op with others while throwing New York City’s slot machines into the sea!

Las Vegas and Slot Machine Popularity Were About To Change

But one person was about to turn everything around for gambling and the very popular slot machines. That man was Bugsy Siegel.

He went into Vegas and finished construction of the Flamingo Hotel and lined the lobby of the hotel with slot machines of all different types. It was originally thought he did this to keep the wives of his gangster buddies and government officials busy while the men took care of business. He only used these slot machines as toys and pacifiers for the wives, but the women turned the slot machines into a popular and fun pastime!

History is common knowledge from this point on and slots have become a huge financial assets to all casinos whether online or land based. Once upon a time they used to be mechanical, iron and hundreds of pounds. Now slot machines are electronic, lightweight and even small enough to put in your pocket when purchasing your own to enjoy for fun. Slot machines online are even more creative and get better and better as the days and m months go by.

  •  The First Slot Machine – Named the Liberty Bell, this slot built by Charles Fey in his basement in 1895.

  •  New Century Sees Much Slot Growth – By the turn of the century the popularity of the slot had grown and more varieties were being developed and more companies wanted in on the action.

  •  Banned in 1911 – The anti-gambling movement had seen most states ban slot machines and gambling by 1911.

  •  Flamingo Hotel Opens in Las Vegas – Way over budget and after opening once, closing due to lack of funding and construction delays, the first luxury hotel on the strip, the Pink Flamingo Hotel and Casino finally opens in March 1947. To this day, the Flamingo is the oldest hotel and casino still operating on the "Las Vegas Strip" today.

  •  Micro Processors Introduced – During the 1960's, the slot machine saw the introduction of the micro-processor added to them to determine the outcome of the spin.

  •  Multi Line Slots Developed – During the 1990's the growth of slots had huge growth fueled in part by new multi-line slot versions. This allowed for higher betting amounts as well as faster and larger payouts and increased excitement.

  •  Computer Industry Revolutionizes Slot Machines – With the explosive growth and advancements in computer technology and software, slot machines became more advanced with more features and appeals to even larger audiences.

With the explosive growth in online casinos and the technology advancements being made all the time who knows what the next decade of slot machines may look like?

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