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World Wide Online Slot Machine Strategy

Welcome to the wonderful world of online slot games, where your choices are in the thousands, and your winning potential is in the millions!

In the world of slot machine games, whether online or at your local land based casino, you have a wealth of styles, themes and special features in the most updated and newly created multi payline slot games any casino can offer. But you also have the true and tested older “classic” slot games that offer stability, longevity and a history of making slot players some very happy and rich gamblers.

Now with all this excitement and choice of games to play, a little “slot strategy” is called for to make the most of your online gaming experience and enjoyment. Below you will find some slot player “rules” or advice given to you by some of the best and most seasoned online slot players.

Keep these opinions and slot commandments close by when venturing into uncharted territory of a new slot game or an old one that you have never played before. It’s important to know what you’re playing and how it plays if you want to bring the odds of winning up to your side of the coin!

Slot Commandments

  •  Know your slot game – Before depositing your hard earned cash into a slot machine that you have never seen before, or have never played make sure to do your homework. Your first choice could be to google the slot game and read reviews from other gamblers, but to me this is not the way to go because someone else may not like the game but you could. Their taste may not be the same as yours so I really believe that all gamblers need to go with their ideas of what is a good game or not and take the responsibility among themselves to investigate. To do this all you need to do [and it’s highly recommended that you do in fact take the time to test the slot game that has your interest] is to play the game in “free mode” at your chosen casino. By playing the slot machine in free mode you get to experience how the game plays, what coin sizes are available to bet, what at the bonus rounds are like and how they payoff when hitting winning combinations which are all important choices when picking a slot game. I mean you want to play a slot that you can actually win some money on, not just playing it because it looks cool. Some multi payline bonus round slot games have horrible payoffs for winning combinations, they are so bad you don’t even win 2 cents on some wins which is ridiculous and a waste of time if you ask me. So look around, try out the games, get familiar with how they play and if you even like the game itself before choosing to deposit your money and gamble on any slot machine.

  •  Know the Coin Size of the Slot Machine – This is extremely important especially for those who are on a limited gambling budget. Why play a slot machine that has a 3 coin max when another slot game has a 2 coin max and has the exact same payout ratio then the one with the 3 coin bet? Why bet an extra coin for the same out come on winning combinations? That’s just a fool’s way of losing cash that was not needed to do. There are many slot games that vary in coin size and some pay out much higher than other ones and your best decision as a gambler is to find the best slot machine payouts and play those games. Also make sure you are playing a slot machine you can afford, why play a slot that has a minimum bet of 50 cents per line when you only have $50 to spend? Betting on a slot that lets you bet as low as 1 cent or can be moved up into the 50 cent range is much better and a wiser choice because you can always bet higher if you are winning but you also have the choice of betting smaller if you are not on a winning streak, with the hopes that your cash flow lasts longer and your luck with have time to change for the better!

  •  Progressive Jackpots – Always play max bet on any progressive jackpot slot game or don’t bother to play it at all. The whole purpose of playing a progressive jackpot or any jackpot game is to win the “big” money! 99% of the time in order to win these jackpots you need to be betting max coin bet, if you’re not betting in this manner and you hit the required symbols to win the progressive jackpot, guess what, you just lost thousands or millions of dollars! Always, and I mean always play max coin bet on any slot machine that offers a jackpot on max bet. You can look around and find many different progressive slot games that offer different coin denominations, like some are penny machines, so a max coin bet on this would be much more affordable than a progressive that is a “dollar” machine. So know your money limits and pick the progressive that you can afford to play at max coin, or walk away and find some other type of game to wager on where you can still win good money or the most that machine offers with a bet you can afford.

These are just a couple of “commandments” that you need to follow to enjoy your gaming experience and hopefully walk away a winner each and every time you visit your favorite online casino. Happy Gaming!

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