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We list the Best Online Slot Machines from Rival Gaming Casinos!

Rival Casinos entered the online gaming industry in 2006 which was just in time to give the online gaming industry the shot in the arm that was sorely needed.

Competition between online casinos had slowed to the point that it almost ceased to exist, with the major three or four software providers always staying on top of the world with the same old games and promotions.

When Rival software jumped on board with their new and innovative games that promised to give online gamblers a refreshing change, the old top dog software providers felt the heat and had to start offering better promotions, bonuses and long awaited new games.

Now, Rival Casinos have matured a bit and offer all types of casino games including video poker and table games like roulette, poker and blackjack but their biggest claim to fame is their superbly designed slot games which include their exclusive Islots!

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What are Islots?

Welcome to a land of fairy tales and crime stories that all serve the same purpose, to have a bit of fun and make you money!

That’s the innovative idea behind Rival Gaming’s Islots, the newest and most fascinating slot games to hit the online industry since Microgaming introduced Viper software.

Islots, are multi payline slots that offer the gambler plenty of action and options including coin ranges that start as low as a penny per line bet and can go as high as $10 per line or more. There are wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus rounds and free spin rounds all included in every Islots game. There are even coin jackpots that can be won by hitting the top symbol on each reel of the game.

But the best part about Islots are there stories and interaction with the players. When you activate an Islots story themed bonus round you are launched into an ongoing story.

Whether the theme is around Art Theft, or Scary Halloween nights or any of the other fun and interesting themes that these slot games contain, you will be able to dictate how the story goes and ends by the choices you make along the way in the bonus round! And each time you trigger these bonus rounds you can come out with a different ending to the story which gives these slot games a new and fresh feel each time you play.

Since the introduction of Islots into the online gambling community, it has exploded with a huge success and large following of fans across the globe.

In the early days of the initial release there had been issues with the games as any new company is bound to run into, but living up to their promise of being player friendly and highly dedicated to player satisfaction, Rival Gaming has addressed each concern and has rectified the problem. So as we gamblers have learned from past issues with other casino brands, all good and trusted sites address the issues and fix them as they arise. Rival has accomplished this and hopefully will continue to do so.

In conclusion, our thoughts on these outstanding and fun slot games is that we have enjoyed our game play on these innovative casino games and have made some of our own winning stories to tell!

So pick a Rival casino, choose an iSlot game, Good Luck and Happy Story Telling.


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